M3 Iberico Food Ltd. uses in (hereinafter the "the Web Site" or the "Site") a technology called "cookies".

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer (PC or mobile) in order to store data that can be updated and retrieved by the entity responsible for its installation.

Cookies used by M3 Iberico Food Ltd on the Portal, are only associated with an anonymous user and computer, and does not provide its own personal user data, and can read data from your hard disk or read cookie files created by other suppliers.

The M3 Iberico Food Ltd cookies uses on the Web site include:

Own Cookies




Identifier application session.


Shopping cart

Stores the elements of the current cart, for quick and easy operation



Current user name, informational purposes for display in certain parts of the Website


Third Party Cookies



Google Analytics

M3 Iberico Food Ltd allows  disclose information about how users use the Website, how they came to him, the number of unique users and duration of the visits. Thus, M3 Iberico Food Ltd can be more efficient and make improvements to the Website to facilitate their location and access by users.

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Varias cookies: Sessión, un día, 6 meses y un año


It is used to see in detail and real-time performance statistics and users' browsing on the Website.

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Colbenson search

They are used for the session and the user on each request.

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Several cookies one day and two years


M3 allows Iberico Food Ltd released information on using the functionality Click to Chat.

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Session, Guest

The user can set freely and at any time, its privacy settings in relation to the installation of cookies through your browser. These procedures are subject to revision or modification by developers of browsers, so we can not ensure that they fully comply with the latest version available at all times.

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If the user decides to disable cookies, quality and speed of service may decline.

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